Air to water heat pump

1. Efficiency and energy conservation
2. Green energy and environment-friendly
3. Safety and reliability
4. Durability
5. Easy installation
6. All-weather application
7. Intelligent control
8. Multi-point water supply
9.In summer, it draws indoor heat and releases it to soil
10.In winter, it draws heat of soil for indoor heating after temperature rise


Air Source Heat Pump
Input power (KW)1.842.984.65.49.21922
Heating capacity (KW)71218.421.636.87288
Cooling capacity(KW)58.81316275665
Hot Water supply(L/H)16028040050080016002000
Power supply220V/50Hz/1ph220V/50Hz/1ph 380V/50Hz/3ph380V/50Hz/3ph
Rated current (A)813/6912183540
Outlet water temp(℃)55/60
Water flow L/H2000360055007000110002200025000
Pipe SizeDN25DN25DN25DN32DN32DN50DN50
Water pepe of InterfaceInternal thread(copper)
Packing dimensions (mm)1210*400*7101200*520*8701200*520*14401200*520*14401520*800*12302060*1060*22302060*1060*2230
Weight (KG)78120162170320640660
Leve of securityIP×4
Electric shock protection grade1 Grade
Noise (Db)≤40≤50≤55≤60≤70≤75≤75
Condenser: Double-pipe heat exchanger, Evaporator: Finned heat exchanger, Throttle unit: Electronic expansion valve. Body: Spray coating.
Test condition: Dry bulb 20℃,Wet bulb 15℃, Input water temp 15℃, Output 55℃

Quality management

Trial manufacturing center and lab are fitted with leading softwares, hard-wares and testing equipment.
The technical indicator and testing range of the national-level air conditioning testing center are higher than those of the national testing levels.
Factors and processes influencing the operation of the products are strictly controlled in Bright, and our Bright also carries out a wholeset of rigorous
and precise manufacturing crafts manship requirements to guarantee the superior quality.

All procedures are totally controlled by the softwares. Thus, the human factors are eliminated in the quality management.
Spare parts with defects will not be used and the unqualified products will not be packed up.

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