Hybrid Dry Cooler

When the ambient temperature is too high, close to or higher than the water outlet temperature, spray system or wet curtain system are needed. However, if the relative humidity is higher than 65%, spray or wet curtain system are not be recommended, because the effect is unclear and the cost increases a lot.


Performance range:

n  Capacity from 69 to 3212kW

(water, Tw1=40°C, Tw2=35°C, T1=25°C)


n  Diameter Ø630, 800, 910, 1250, 1800mm, AC or EC motor.


n  Maximum performance, minimum footprint.

n  High efficiency geometry.

n  Modular design, 1~28 fans.

n  Piping in copper or stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L.

n  Finned pack available in a wide range of materials.


n  Coil design refrigerant: water, oil, glycol, BC888, Shell S3X and S5X.

n  Multiple circuits.

n  Sub-cooling circuits.

n  Stainless steel or aluminum casing.

n  Epoxy resin aluminum or copper fins.

n  Explosion proof motor.

n  Customized fin spacing.

n  Spray system

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