Free Cooling Dry Cooler

What is free cooling?

Cool outside air or water can be used as a free resource to help chill water which can be used for industrial processes or air conditioning. By using air-cooled dry coolers which remove unwanted heat without the need for integration with the chiller control. So in this application we can also called dry cooler as free cooler.. SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT


Performance range:

n  Capacity from 69 to 3212kW

(water, Tw1=40°C, Tw2=35°C, T1=25°C)


n  Diameter Ø630, 800, 910, 1250, 1800mm, AC or EC motor.


n  Maximum performance, minimum footprint.

n  High efficiency geometry.

n  Modular design, 1~28 fans.

n  Piping in copper or stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L.

n  Finned pack available in a wide range of materials.


n  Coil design refrigerant: water, oil, glycol, BC888, Shell S3X and S5X.

n  Multiple circuits.

n  Sub-cooling circuits.

n  Stainless steel or aluminum casing.

n  Epoxy resin aluminum or copper fins.

n  Explosion proof motor.

n  Customized fin spacing.

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