Dry type air cooler


• Unique floating coil design avoids leakage caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

• Staggered fin pattern design and corrugated fin enhance air flow turbulence

• Inner-grooved copper tube increase heat transfer area and enhance heat transfer

• Optimized flow pass design ensure fully heat exchange with refrigerant

• Equipped with 2nd generation owl-wing fan motor as standard. It features with low noise level, large volume flow and low energy consumption. Ready for dual speed connection.

• Outdoor type powder coated casing made of galvanized sheet metal and stainless steel bolts provide a high resistance to corrosion.

• Optional features:

§ EC variable speed fan motor, to save great energy

§ ZAplus/AxiTop for greater volume flow and extreme silence

§ Adiabatic system significantly reduce energy consumption in summer

§ Epoxy coated or hydrophilic aluminum fin suitable for coastal or high corrosion area

§ Fluid dry cooler

§ Clean stainless steel tube and aluminum fin coil for cooling deionized water.

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