Water Cooled Low Temperature Chiller -35 degree

1. Compressor: adopt international brand semi closed 5:6 non symmetrical double screw type air cooled special type compressor.
2. Heat exchanger: evaporator use high efficient shell and tube heat exchanger, condenser use high efficiency copper pipe+hydrophilic aluminum fin; with high pressure, high heat transfer efficiency, maintenance free, long service life, etc.;

3. Control system: using SIEMENS control system, advanced PLC control technology, can accept the programming, perfect communication function;

4. The electrical system: SIEMENS, Schneider and other national brands of electrical components, waterproof type control cabinet;

5. Man-machine interface: Chinese and  English man-machine interface, touch type liquid crystal display operation, simple procedures, one key to start, automatic operation;

6. Chiller maintenance: chiller adopts integral design, compact structure, simple, strong corrosion resistance, with waterproof control cabinet, to ensure that the unit can be placed outside the long-term is not easy to fade, corrosion.

7. The choice of environmental protection type R407C or R134a refrigerant.
Technical parameter table (water cooled low temperature chiller -35℃ double compressor)

Item              ModelSLW-
Nominal cooling capacitykW17233033414452556065
Operation control modePLC automatic control of programmable controller
Power supply380V/3N~/50Hz
CompressorType5-6 Asymmetric semi enclosed twin screw compressor
Start typeY-△
Capacity control0-16.5-33-50-66-83.5-100%0-12.5-25-37.5-50-62.5-75-87.5-100%
Input powerkW17.222.929.33239.842.648.851.456.561.5
Input powerA29.939.85155.769.374.184.989.498.3107
EvaporatorTypeHigh efficient shell and tube heat exchanger
Water volumem3/h3.856.578.89.511.311.81314
Connection pipe diameter
Water pressure dropkPa47484848484950505458
CondenserTypeHigh efficient shell and tube heat exchanger
Water volumem3/h7.810.413.514.818.419.722.924.226.528.7
Connection pipe diameter
Water pressure dropkPa44454545464748495558
Filling quantitykg11152022272934363943

Unit weightkg7007309001090114014001430147015001780
Running weightkg7607709801220132016201660170017602000

1.Nominal operating conditions:chilled water in/out temperature -31℃/-35℃; cooling water in/ot temperature 30℃/35℃.
2.Temperature condition:chilled waterout water temperature range is -37℃~-27℃,cooling waterout water temperature range is 19℃~33℃
3.Chilled water side use 55%(V/V) ethylene glycol solution or 28%(m/m)calcium chloride solution as antifreeze;
4.Water side design of evaporator and condenser under pressureis 1.0MPa.
5.Evaporator water side fouling factor under nominal operating condition is 0.018m2•℃/kW,condenser water side fouling factor under nominal operating condition is0.044m2•℃/kW;

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