Unit cooler


1.High efficiency staggered fin pattern design

2.Optimized sine waved fin for high performance

3.Internal grooved tube for higher heat exchanger efficiency

4.Optimized circuiting for better evaporation

5.Optimized air flow to reach max. Capacity

6.Robust,state-of-the-art sheet metal design

7.Casing with white coating for corrosion protection

8.Dual drip tray design to avoid water condensation

9.Fin spacing optional for specific application


1, textile, machinery, ceramics, fine chemicals, metallurgy, glass, metal, leather and other manufacturing industries;

2, electroplating, electronics, footwear, printing, plastics, clothing, printing, packaging, food processing industry;

3, hospitals, waiting rooms, schools, waiting rooms, supermarkets, laundry room;

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1, kitchen, vegetable market, a large entertainment center, underground parking, railway stations and other public places; ※ greenhouse, flowers, poultry, livestock and other types of farms;

2, the existing air conditioning and blower equipment modification and installation.

3, the requirements of high humidity places (such as textiles, planting, etc.), can be part of the interior installation design.

4, the requirements of low humidity, low humidity and high cleanliness of the place, please carefully consider the suitability of use.

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