Marine Water cooled Condensing unit

1. Use Semi enclosed piston compressor and high efficiency low noise condenser fan motor

2. Condenser is shell and tube condenser.

3. Can be standard unit or not standard unit.

1. Compact structure, durable

2. High efficiency condenser

3. Suitable low temperature, middle high temperature working condition.

4. Refrigerant can be R22, R134a, R404a.


Technical Data

Standard water cooled condensing unit configure:
Compressor, crankshaft box heater, oil pressure safety switch (star anise machine except), shell tube water-cooling condenser, a dry filter, dashboard, B5.2 frozen oil, gas protection, low temperature models with head cooling fan; bipolar models with intercooler

It is widely used in all kinds of passenger ships, cargo ships, warships and offshore oil platfroms

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